The Interior Detail ($199+)

We start this detail with a very in depth vacuum to remove of all the dust, debris, pet hair, food crumbs and any other foreign particles in your vehicle. Next we go panel by panel scrubbing and sanitizing to ensure every hard surface in your car is clean. This includes, door panels, high traffic areas, dash, cup holders, vents, and all the other hard to reach crannies. We then shampoo & steam clean your carpets and upholstery to make them look as brand new as possible. Whether you have leather seats or cloth seats, we will tackle the dirt until it’s gone. The glass gets a good cleaning, and lastly we apply a finisher that will seal, condition and protect all of the work we did inside!

Ballpark pricing is based on condition. $199-$275
Additional charges apply in cases of severe pet hair, mold and/or cases where the interior needs a little more TLC than our average projects.


The Exterior Detail ($199+)

The exterior detail is specially designed for the car enthusiast who enjoys a glossy, sparkly and protected car from head to toe. We start this detail by acid washing the wheels to make them shine like they did when they were new. The tires and wheel wells also get a good degrease scrub to prep them for a shine at the end of the project. Next we focus our attention on the trim, badges, moldings, and plastic pieces. These all get washed out and scrubbed. Now it’s time for the wash. The exterior shampoo loosens up all the dirt and safely removes any grease or grime that may be sitting on the surface. After the wash, we clay bar the entire clear coat to remove of any sediments. Once we have a smooth surface, we use DA machine polishers with compound to remove of any swirls, hazing, holograms, marring and any other superficial hairline scratches. Lastly we polish by machine and seal it all with a coat of our high end 100% carneuba wax.

Ballpark pricing is based on condition. $199-$275
Additional charges may apply for water spots & oxidation.


The Signature Full Detail ($250+)

(VAD’s most popular package!)

This package includes everything listed in both the Interior & Exterior Detail Packages.

This is our most popular package as our clients find it advantageous to bundle the interior and exterior. It not only saves you money, but it really gives you that true “start from scratch” feeling after we get done with your vehicle.

Ballpark pricing is based on condition: starts at $250

Ceramic Coating (starts at $699)

CERAMIC COATING uses nano technology to protect your paint and clear coat from water spots, chemical erosion, UV damage, bug and bird dropping etching, salt, and car wash scratches. The coating last up to seven years. Yep, you read that correctly, up to 7 years of worry-free driving!

We first apply our Exterior detail package, getting your vehicle looking as perfect as possible before we lock it in with the coating. This service takes roughly 4-6 hours and requires a minimum 24hr curing process after we complete the job. We only apply the best ceramic in the business, Inspiration from the Double Black Diamond collection by P&S Detail Products. (Check out this YouTube video that demonstrates the effects of a ceramic coating application!)

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